About Us

Handyman.net is a website operated by All iSolutions, Inc. which has been in business since 2007. They are located in Orlando, FL and our a company dedicated to providing unique business services to service industry contractors. We launched this site in October 2013 to serve as a industry standard of providing unique business services to help small and medium sized handyman and related contractors. Our goal is to not just build another business directory, but to help facilitate business between consumers and businesses. The toughest problem facing this industry for general contractors, is finding ways to gain new customers. We hope to solve this challenge, through the use of an innovative website. For consumer, the largest challenge they face, is finding a contractor they can trust and rely on. Our goal is to help consumers do that, through the help of their peers. We feel that a company that has an active social and online profile that engages with their customers, will be the most trustworthy company for you when it comes time that you need work.

If you like what you see here, but would like to contribute to the site, we always welcome volunteers and/or paid employees that have a true passion for what they are working on. If you have any questions, comments, and or suggestions, you can head on over to our contact page, to get more information.

Mission Statement

Our Mission statement is to help local contractors and handy men, to help them find and keep new customers. Our goal is to help them build and maintain their social presence on the web, and use that to gain new business. Our mission to consumers, is making sure, we provide the highest quality information about our contractor directory, to help with making the correct decision with your home improvement needs.


  • Building a unique Business Services to Help Our Contractor Directory have Unique Opportunities over other Directories at gaining New Business.
  • Provide Industry Leading Education to our Consumers on the Handyman Industry.
  • Provide Easy-to-use tools to help facilitate better communicate between our Contractors and the Consumers.