South Carolina Based Ministry to Provide Free Home Repairs to Needy

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Recently a local Ministry near Augusta, holding its first Salkehatchie Summer Service camp, decided to lend assistance to the community, by providing home repairs to three households that could use the assistance badly.  The camp that the ministry is hosting, has a total of 24 girls and boys, as well as over eight adults to help with these repairs.

The list of repairs the camp is hoping to help will include basic repairs in roofing, plumbing, and interior painting of walls, as well as other small jobs to help improve the standard of living in these homes.  This all took place in early July.  The plan is to split up the members of the camp into three groups that consist of high school and college level students and adults, and take those teams to help out these homes.  Money to pay for the costs of supplies will come from the fees to join this camp. Those that joined the camp, will gain a great sense of accomplishment and pride in helping the local community improve.

If everything goes right, the ministry hopes that the camp will grow in size next year and they will be able to assist even more homes years into the future.  This camp could be a great thing for the local community near Augusta Georgia.  If you’d like more information, you should pull information from the Grace United Methodist Church, and inquire about their home repair programs.


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