Roofer being investigated for Illegal practices in Chicago

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Chicago area roofer that is accused of cheating out local residents and even a church, is about to be investigated by the state attorney’s office.  After receiving multiple complaints about Aster Inc and Economic Remodeling Inc, which are both owned by a Chicago business owner named Andrzej Rogowski, this local business is going to get investigated.

Over fifty different complaints were filled with the state, saying that incomplete repairs and other shoddy workmanship were being conducted by this individual.  It’s estimated that this contractor has stolen over 150,000 dollars from its customers and really needs to be stopped to keep them from stealing from any other companies, businesses, or homeowners.

While working a recent job with a Church located in Chicago, IL, the contractor asked for fifty four thousand dollars up front for the job.  He never completed the job, and even worse than that, while he worked on the job, the interior of the church suffered water damage and mold.  The contractor continued to work the job, while these issues were going on, but promised to renovate the interior as well.  We he completed the project (at least according to him), but the church never received this promise of an interior renovation, and never got its roof fixed, because it continued to leak after completion by Mr. Andrzej Rogowski.

If you’re looking for a local contractor, make sure you choose a business with lots of ratings in the Chicago area that also have insurance and have a reputation for providing quality service.  Also never agree to pay a contractor up front for the entire project. They will often times as for a percentage up front, especially if it’s a large job, but never give in to a company wanting 100% of the cost of the project up front, because those companies that usually do this are more than likely going to rip you off and not have the incentive to complete the project.


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