Content Guidelines

Below is a list of guidelines, rules and things to keep in mind when you contribute content to our website. This especially applies to contributed articles for the How-To, Local News, and Business News sections of our website. Other sections, may follow different rules that are references on the Terms of Use page.

Generally content that include any of the following pieces will be automatically denied, and we may reject your author profile for any of these violations:

  • Anything that involves abusive language that may discriminate our website users based on sex, gender, religion, age, disability or nationality.
  • Articles that only advertise your products or services. If you wish to advertise on the site there are better ways to do this, contact us at to learn more about these opportunities. We allow our contributors to promote their business through their author profile, but the article must be constructive and useful information for our readers.
  • Illegal Content or Obscene material, will generally be blocked and your profile will be deleted from our system immediately.
  • Stealing Copyright or other online materials for your articles.
  • Spinning Existing articles, is strickly prohibited, and if you are caught, you will be permanently banned from our website.

Once you submit an article to our website, we gain ownership over the article to remove or modify however we choose. If you submit an article for approval, and we deem that the links are self promoting, we reserve the right to remove or change any of the links in your post to more appropriate content. We generally don't allow content to a writer's website in the article itself, unless its not self promoting or it supports the article in a profound way.

Length Requirements
We require all articles created on our website to be atleast 400 words or more.

Website Links
Generally we have no official guidelines on backlinks placed within the article, as long as the links are supporting the article. We however have the descretion to remove links at anytime, for any reason, once your article has been submitted for approval. If we deem that your article is abusing the backlink feature, we may either strip all the links and assign links to move content appropriate sources, or we may publish with no backlinks.

Author Profiles
We allow the writer to promote their business through their author profile, but links cannot go to obscene websites. Anything deemed to be bad for our readers, will cause your account to not get approved for submitting content. We encourage our writers to provide a constructive overview of their experience in their about summary and link to all your social channels. Writers who become continual contributors and are known for exemplary content, will be promoted to featured writers and promoted throughout our marketing channels, which will boost your own business.

We promote all our articles through different promotional channels such as social, email, and more. We expect our writers to also promote their articles through their website or other channels, to prove to their customers that they have expertise and contribute to the community.

If you are interested in contributing content to our website, the first step is to create an author profile. It takes around 2 to 4 business days to approve a contributor profile. We will e-mail you either way to let you know the status of your submission. Once you are approved, you should access your user profile, where you will see a Tab for "Articles". You can then begin submitting articles into our website. We have user limits in place, which may prevent you from submitting articles if you're over that limit. You are able to modify your article as much as you'd like before you submit it for approval.

Once your article has been submitted for approval, you can no longer make changes. If we like the content you've provided and it passes copyscape analysis, we may make slight changes (grammatical and other changes) and then if we think it's a good article, we will schedule it for live launch on our website. We can publish articles in the future and we will let you know once your content is scheduled for being published on our website.