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Posted a few years ago by justchecking
Our shower is showing a high moisture reading between the tile and outside wall. One hears how very expensive it is to have professional remediators do the repairs. Is this something homeowners can "attack" with proper protection & keeping debris contained? Thank you
Posted a few years ago by Auriel Tarron
How do I repaire leakage wet area of bathroom where wall joins floor, my barroom was renovated 6 yrs ago, the wet area was done now it's leaking how can I repair without taking off tiles
Posted a few years ago by ggarrison
Not really a serious question, but what do people prefer to use for toilet paper? Do you stick with the cheap brands, or go with the more expensive brands like Charmin?
Posted a few years ago by BruceWhite
I'm thinking about buying a new toilet, my old toilet was so slow and would hardly take anything before it was clogged. I know there are alot of knew kinds of toilets on the market, but which are the best?