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Posted a few years ago by rachitmathurbe
how to test the residual life of flourescent lights
Posted a few years ago by tedshandymanservice
my doorbell don't chime unless you hold down the button. when you let up on the button it quits. if you push the button and immediately let up it dings once then quits. it does have a diode under the button. i replaced the button and diode. it still won't chime unless you hold down the button or it will quit when you let up. any help will be apprised.
Posted a few years ago by rckinc
how much does it cost to do a panel swap from 200 amp to 225 amp?
Posted a few years ago by octavious
I nee help to determine the correct wiring for a 2 fluorescent light with a switch and 2 ballasts.. I understand the wiring of the white and black wires to each end socket bringing the leads back to the switch. The switch has 3 leads coming from both ends of the switch. The center leads on both ends of the switch are black and the other 2 wires from both ends of the switch are red... each one of the red wires attaches from the ends of the switch to the 2 white wires for the sockets and the other red wire connects to the 2 black... The 2 center leads on either end of the switch are black. At the base of the lamp are 2 coils, each one of them has one wire coming from the terminals marked lo and no ident on the other 2 terminals.. I presume each one of the coils ignites a separate bulb. I need to know how the wires from each of the coils connect to the switch'''' Can you help out with the correct connections from the switch to the coils????? Thanks,,,, Michael
Posted a few years ago by BruceWhite
Just was curious, is there other ways to change a light bulb? I've heard of some unique methods such as using a potato, are those just myths, or are they true?