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Posted 12 months ago by marissamorocco
Who would I call to repair broken wooden kitchen drawers?
Posted a few years ago by DavidG
I'm about to replace four rotted 8 x 8 porch columns with fiberglass columns. The rotted columns are sunk 18 inches into the cement base of my porch. I plan to fill in the "holes" after I remove the columns. I also plan to use 6 x 6 pressure treated posts inside each fiberglass column. The fiberglass columns will be sealed along the base and cap. But is there anything special I need to do with the pressure treated posts inside each column. The base of each post will stand on the new cement I use to fill each hole. Is this a problem?
Posted a few years ago by Boxey
I installed a fireplace mantle with out properly letting the wood age. Now it's cracking and splitting . It already has a stain on it . Is there anything I can do to stop it from cracking and splitting ?
Posted a few years ago by ggarrison
I'm about to hire a handyman, and they have a license number, but what does it mean? Can they just make up the number, or is there somewhere I can go to check the license number?
Posted a few years ago by BruceWhite
I'm looking to hire a handyman, but what qualifications make for a great handyman that's reliable and one that I can trust?
Posted a few years ago by BruceWhite
What ways can I go about finding a quality handyman that won't rip me off?