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How to Clean External Facing Windows

Posted a few years ago by John Morrison - No Comments

Have you wanted to clean your windows? Have you recently cleaned the windows on the inside and noticed that they still look almost as dirty as when you began?  Well what you really need to do is clean the outside of the windows as well as trying to clean the inside.  Every piece of glass has an interior facing surface as well as a exterior facing surface.

There are several different ways you can attempt to do this, and some of these methods require special equipment, while others are more of a manual labor process, that may take you longer, but will still do a great job, without having to purchase or borrow the special equipment.

  1. Using a Pressure Washer
  2. Using a Ladder and cloth
  3. Using a Squeegee

Pressure Washing

The first method is probably the easiest, although it could still take you a couple days depending on the size of your home.  But it’s probably the least labor intensive than the other options you have (well unless you hire someone else to do the job).  But getting a pressure washer if you don’t already have one, could be a little tricky.  Places do rent them out, you could try going to your local hardware store and asking about renting a pressure washer and if they do, seeing how much it will be.  If you already have a pressure washing machine, then it should be easy for you, you can just start it up, following the directions that came with it, and use it to keep all exterior parts of your home sparkling.

Using a Ladder and Cloth

This method may seem a little archaic, but it’s probably the cheapest and easiest to get going right away. However it could take your more than a week to clean all your windows, plus it’ll be extra difficult getting the tough stuff off your window.  I’d recommend, spraying the windows with your hose, and then applying the soap, giving the suds the chance to break off all the tough gunge from your windows.

Using a Squeegee

Most professionals on high rises, use a squeegee to clean those windows, so if it works for them, it should work for you here.  However a cloth still may be required to remove the extra hard to remove stains.  This method is probably somewhere in the middle in terms of how difficult it would be to getting started and purchasing special equipment.  You should be able to purchase the squeegee from any department store like Wal-Mart or Target, or you can also go to an Auto Parts store or even a hardware store, and they should have squeegee’s to help clean your windows. You’d preferably want to get two sizes, one that’s got a short handle that can be used for the windows that you can easily reach, and then another squeegee with a long pole that can be used to reach hard to reach spots.

John Morrison - Author Biography

I have over 25 years experience in this industry. I have worked with general contracting work which includes electrical, plumbing, and kitchen/bathroom remodeling work. I hope to help others with their home improvement DIY needs.

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