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How to Fix/Replace a Door Knob

Posted a few years ago by John Morrison - No Comments

Are you experiencing issues with your front door knob? Does it stick sometimes when you open it, or are there issues with the key doesn’t always work, or has problems going in or out. Also maybe you’re in the position where you just bought your first home and you would rather have a better lock installed, such as one that allows for keyless entry.

Most jobs when fixing or replacing what you previous had installed will be pretty easy.  You don’t need to worry about drilling holes for anything, since you will just be using what you originally had installed.  Make sure you keep this in mind when you visit your local hardware store.  Don’t buy a knob that requires additional holes to be drilled (unless you’re prepared to deal with that scenario).  If your existing knob included a dead bolt, make sure you get one that also includes a dead bolt.  Read the instructions on the packaging for the knob and see what it says it will fit. Your best bet, is to stick with a well-known brand such as Baldwin, Schlage, or Emtek to just name a few. These companies are well known for building products that have been tested to be the most secure at protecting property and preventing criminals from breaking into your home.

So far we’ve only mentioned door knob replace on your exterior doors, but if you’re seeking just an easy replacement on your interior doors, keep the same rules as mentioned above. Generally an interior door will not have a dead bolt, and some include places for keys to be inserted for locking/unlocking them from the outside, and others do not.  Just keep all this in mind.

When you have purchased you product, go to the door and prepare yourself to be there 30 minutes or so (so grab a chair), and you may also find it useful to have an electric drill handy with different bits, as opposed to just a screw driver.  In order to install the knob, you will simple need to follow the instructions in the box, but often times, it will just require removal of the screws attached to the existing knob and pulling it out and inserting the knob you just purchased.  Some manufacturers have doors that you can change the lock of the door, using a special lock, instead of having to change your keys.  Just follow the instructions they say to do for this.

Really the best instructions for this job, will be the instructions on the packaging of the door knob you buy, just keep in mind the other helpful tips we suggested to help making the right decision when choosing a door knob to buy.  This can save you the hassle of having to return your product when you find out that you cannot install it like you’re previously thought. Not all hardware stores, may let you return an open package.  If you are still having problems, go on over to our expert advice page, and ask an expert what other things that you can do to help you out, or get an estimate from a qualified handyman.

John Morrison - Author Biography

I have over 25 years experience in this industry. I have worked with general contracting work which includes electrical, plumbing, and kitchen/bathroom remodeling work. I hope to help others with their home improvement DIY needs.

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