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Top DIY Tools for Any Job
When I was first starting DIY projects with my partner, we had to go out and buy all our tools. We wasted a lot of time making many trips to the shops, because we didn't know
Written By: Rosie Wood
Cost Saving Reasons to Go with a Tradesperson
Often saving money with tradespeople involves a time / quality / cost trade-off. You can usually get two of the three. You may get work done quickly to a high standard, but
Written By: Rosie Wood
How to Find a Stud without a Stud Finder
This has got to be the most common DIY task which any DIYer should become an expert in: how to find a stud in a wall. It is especially important when you are hanging something
Written By: Rosie Wood
Guide to Buying Towels for Your Home
Fabric Bathroom towels are usually made of cotton (linen is also used for towels, but that is usually for tea towels). Terry is the typical weave used in bathroom towels
Written By: Rosie Wood
Top 5 Projects for Increasing the Value of Your Home
When it comes to selling your house, there are some factors which you cannot control. Your neighbors, the views from your property and which schools are in your district are
Written By: Rosie Wood
How to Safely Clean Your Oven
Does your oven smell horrible every time you preheat it to start cooking something? Does your house get incredibly smoky as well?  You may just need to invest an afternoon
Written By: John Morrison