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Top 10 Tips on Lowering Your Air Conditioning Bill

Posted a few years ago by John Morrison - No Comments

Whether you live up north or down south, for a few months out of the year it’s going to get hot enough that you’ll probably end up having to turn on your air conditioner to keep the family cool. While it does keep you and your family feeling cozy and cool, it also causes your energy bill to skyrocket—and your bank account to plummet. Keep cool this summer and save yourself a bundle using these ten tips for lowering your AC bill.

Seal the Air Leaks
One of the easiest ways to reduce your AC bill is by sealing any air leaks in your home. Close all of the doors and windows, turn on the bathroom and kitchen ventilation fans and light an incense stick. Waft the smoke around door, trim, outlets and windows. If the smoke dissipates quickly, that means there’s an air leak that needs to be sealed with spray foam insulation.

Insulate Well
Insulation is extremely important to keeping your air conditioning bill under control. Even if you have insulation, have an insulation installer examine your attic and basement to ensure your current insulation is up to the national standard.

Get off Season AC Checkups
It’s always important to have an air conditioning mechanic take a look at your equipment to make sure everything is running as efficiently as possible. Get a checkup during the slow season (early fall and spring) and you’ll likely save yourself a few bucks in the process.

Install a Programmable Thermostat
By installing a programmable thermostat, the temperature will automatically rise during the day when no one is home and lower the temperature perfectly just in time for when you arrive home from work, saving you up to 30 percent on your AC bill.

Change your Bulbs
It’s no secret—changing your incandescent light bulbs to a more efficient compact florescent bulb is going to save you money on your bills. But because they also produce far less heat than a conventional incandescent bulb, eliminating them will also help keep the interior of your home cooler, so the air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard to keep cool.

Change the Filters Every 30 Days
Your air-conditioning unit continually recycles the same air through its system, in effect making the air colder after each time it circulates through the cooling unit. If a dirty filter is blocking that air flow, your air conditioner is going to have to work that much harder to circulate the air.

Use a Grill
Cooking indoors during the summer time can make your air conditioner kick into overdrive. If it’s possible, use an outdoor grill to do most of your cooking and you’ll lower your air conditioning bill every time you eat.

Install Ceiling Fans
While a ceiling fan doesn't actually make the air cooler, it does make your body cooler. If you’re underneath of a ceiling fan, the cool breeze helps to evaporate the sweat off of your skin which makes your body cool down.

Landscape for Shade
You can even make an impact on your air conditioning bill inside by changing the landscaping outside. Plant lots of shade trees on the east and west sides of your home to gain the most shade (and savings) throughout the day.

Heavy Window Treatments
Shades, curtains, drapes—call them what you will, window treatments that are well-insulated can really help to lower the air conditioning bill during bright and sunny days.

John Morrison - Author Biography

I have over 25 years experience in this industry. I have worked with general contracting work which includes electrical, plumbing, and kitchen/bathroom remodeling work. I hope to help others with their home improvement DIY needs.

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