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Home Protection Security Options & Trends

Posted a few years ago by Rosie Wood - No Comments

Without a security system you are 3 times more likely to get broken into.

The aim of installing a security system is to deter the intruder before they get into your home, or at least hold them up long enough to be detected. If someone really wants to get into your home, they will. Should this happen, recording the intruder will be your best method to get them identified and charged.

Your home security should be a complete system, not just one product. The basics which you will find on any site include using deadbolts on the front door, and having real locks on the windows. Here are some additional security options you should consider.


Perhaps the oldest security system in the world. Nothing says keep out, like a tough looking dog.

Noisy pets are also a great signal that someone is approaching the house. Whether it is your horses, chickens, or dogs which make noises when someone approaches, the activity will likely deter someone with undesirable motives.

Lighting and hiding spots
Install sensor lights to make you and the neighbors aware that someone is approaching. Good lighting will leave no places for intruders to hide.

Hiding spots should be considered with lighting. There is little point in lighting up the front yard, when there are dark bushes to hide in. Make sure that even covered bushy areas are well lit.

The garage door often has an easy lock to pick, as do windows and doors. Keep this area well lit to scare away most intruders. If someone cannot get near the house without attracting attention, they will likely move along.

Smart Systems To Baffle Intruders

Electronic Locks With Keypads
Key-less electronic locks are very difficult to break, because they often use deadbolts. The only way through is to break the door, or guess the code.

You can also get electric locks with a keyhole as well as a keypad. Electric keyhole locks cannot be picked or overridden. To force entry through an electronic lock requires rewiring the system.

Home Security System
There are a few components making up home security systems. These include: a controller (can be wireless), plug-in modules (plugged into an electrical outlet, which the security devices are then plugged into) or wall-switch modules (replaces the electrical outlet with one controlled by the security system), and motion detectors.

Common devices to plug into the system include lighting and appliances. The lights attached might be floodlights, lamps, porch lights, kitchen lights, living room lights and bedroom lights. Appliances which people often plug into the system include TVs, coffee makers, and radios. Anything which either makes it look like someone is at home, or is a deterrent will be plugged into home security systems.

Smartphone Applications (Apps)
Home security systems can make it look like someone is at home – they can turn on the lights, the TV or radio, and even the coffee machine. Now it is possible to do that with a smart-phone app.  Philips, Samsung and Belkin have all released smart-phone apps which allow you to control their branded appliances remotely.

It is even possible to set up a motion activated security camera which lets you stream a video of what is going on at home, to your mobile device. When something or someone sets off the motion detector at home, you will be able to view the security camera footage.

There are many home automation systems which can be controlled from your smart-phone. A home automation system is one which allows complete remote control. If you are sitting on a beach in the south of France, you can switch on and off appliances at home in America, making it look like someone is there.

Lockitron is just one example of a security system operated from your smart-phone. There are many great features of this app. From 'Lockitron', it is possible to create random security codes for your home's (electronic keypad) lock for one time visitors such as tradesmen. The app also allows you to set a time window that the security code can be used, outside of which it won't work.

Doorknob and Door Stop Alarms
A doorknob alarm goes off when someone touches it. A doorstop alarm goes off when pressure is used to open the door. Both devices are simple to set up. Although these may seem a bit gimmicky, the alarm could be enough to deter your intruder.

Be Prepared!
Gimmicks such as the doorknob sensors, traditional systems such as sensor lights, or smart innovations such as the smart-phone apps all have their place. Just remember to deter intruders is the best security you can get. Holding them up as long as possible if you cannot deter them is your second defense. Should they break in, video recording the intruder will help the police identify and charge them.

Don't wait until you have a break in to set up one of these systems!

Rosie Wood - Author Biography

Rosie has DIY experience fixing up houses for herself and her family. She's been responsible for Painting, Tiling, Deck Building, Old Floor Maintenance, and home decoration. She brings a woman touch to our website, helping handymen and handy woman with DIY projects for their home.

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