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Top 10 Ways To Protect Your Home From Intruders

Posted a few years ago by Rosie Wood - 1 Comments

Protecting your home from intruders requires just a few simple techniques, which are more psychological, than practical.

There are two principles at play:

  • You need to make it look like you have nothing worth stealing.
  • You need to make it look difficult to get in and out without being noticed.

These 10 measures will decrease the chance of a break in:

1. Secure your windows and doors

This is the top way for burglars to get into your house. Although we know we should lock doors and windows, according to the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), about a third of all burglars get inside a family home simply through windows or doors that aren't locked. The best solution is to keep doors and windows closed when you aren't at home.

The other two thirds of all burglaries are through forced entry. Burglars will prey on weak locks, windows and doors. Tighten up the security around windows and doors. Add deadbolts to your windows and doors.

2. Make it look like someone is at home

Many burglaries happen in the daytime. This is a new trend, brought on by the fact that there is no one at home during the day, as both men and women work full time.

Occupied houses are not an easy target and tend to be avoided. Of course, it is not possible to always be at home; vacations and daily routines mean your house will often be empty.

However, there is a lot of smart technology which can make it look like someone is home. The sort of devices vary in sophistication. The most basic of which are lights or radios on basic timers, that fit on the plug. More sophisticated options include apps which can remotely control all of your home electronics. Everything electronic can be hooked up to one of these systems, from your washing machine to your lighting.

3. Leave nowhere to hide

Trees and bushes near to the house will give a burglar a place to hide. Cut down large trees and don't let bushes grow large enough to give a burglar a place to hide behind. This is especially important near your garage door, your windows and your doors.

Trees and bushes near to walls and fences also give intruders a place to hide between. Save the planting of trees and bushes for open spaces, or consider plants like vines near walls, or hedges made of holly, or other prickly plants.

4. Get a dog

A dog's presence is not only a deterrent, but it is also a warning system. Small, yappy dogs will attract attention and larger dogs can pose a physical threat. Either way, houses with dogs are less likely to be burgled.

5. Upgrade your lighting

Although daytime robberies are more common, when your house is vacant at night, burglaries are easier to pull off without the criminal being seen.

Poor lighting gives burglars more opportunity to get in and out of your property without being seen. Light up your yard with patio lights, motion sensor lights, and porch lights.

6. Install an alarm

Inexperienced burglars will most likely be put off by obvious security systems, such as an alarm. However, even for those who choose to tackle a security device and break into your home anyway, an alarm will slow them down, and make them more likely to be noticed.

7. Hide your wealth

For a moment, picture yourself as a burglar. You are more likely to choose a house to break into that shows obvious signs of wealth. Expensive cars parked in the driveway of a well-maintained property are likely to be your first choice. Having said that, you are also likely to avoid the most expensive homes, because you assume that they have more security.

What does this mean for a homeowner?

Park your expensive cars in the garage. Expensive items shouldn't be visible through your windows. Close your blinds if you can see them through the windows. If you have just bought a new flat screen TV, or another expensive appliance, rip up and throw out the box, or burn it.

8. Check out the people you hire to work on your property

It is common for burglars to know their victims. Casual acquaintances, residents in your neighborhood, or people who have provided a service at your home, are more likely to be the ones breaking in. They have a little bit of knowledge about your daily routine, and are more likely to know if you have something worth stealing. So, do a bit of background research on those who you hire to work in your home.

On top of that, the latest electronic security systems are something to look into. Keyless entry systems allow you to program-in times when tradesmen, or cleaners can have access to your property. If they try to come back after hours, it won't be so easy for them to break your lock.

9. Install CCTV

Although more common in commercial buildings, CCTV can give you peace of mind. If someone were to break in and steal from you, the chances of you finding them, retrieving stolen items and prosecuting the offender is quite high. On top of that, advertising that you have a strong security system is going to deter many burglars.

If you have a CCTV system, don't advertise who it is providing the service. You may be giving someone the help they need, to find out how to disable that CCTV brand.

10. Make your home more difficult to break into than your neighbors

This one may not be the most neighborly, but it is likely to be the most effective. If your neighbor's home looks like they have more possessions worth stealing, or if it is easier to steal from than yours, it is more likely that a burglar will break into their home instead.

Adjust your security measures based on those around you. Remember, opportunistic burglars will target the lowest hanging fruit in the street.

Rosie Wood - Author Biography

Rosie has DIY experience fixing up houses for herself and her family. She's been responsible for Painting, Tiling, Deck Building, Old Floor Maintenance, and home decoration. She brings a woman touch to our website, helping handymen and handy woman with DIY projects for their home.
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This article was useful, I'll make sure I add some of these things to my own home. Would you recommend any specific alarm system to install? Is there a good brand? I think having just something that says you have an alarm, is a great way to deter someone from breaking into your home.

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