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John Morrison

I have over 25 years experience in this industry. I have worked with general contracting work which includes electrical, plumbing, and kitchen/bathroom remodeling work. I hope to help others with their home improvement DIY needs.

John Morrison Articles

DIY Tips on Installing an Above Ground Pool
Learn helpful tips on buying, installing, and maintaining your backyard above ground swimming pool. We even include useful information about the different types of chemicals you can use to keep your
How to Clean External Facing Windows
Have you wanted to clean your windows? Have you recently cleaned the windows on the inside and noticed that they still look almost as dirty as when you began?  Well what
Category: Doors & Windows
How to Fix/Replace a Door Knob
Are you experiencing issues with your front door knob? Does it stick sometimes when you open it, or are there issues with the key doesn’t always work, or has problems
Category: Doors & Windows
How to Hang Christmas Lights
Are you thinking that this is the year that you will showcase your Christmas spirit by hanging lights in your front yard? Hanging lights actually can be very easy to do, depending
Category: Electrical
How to Safely Clean Your Oven
Does your oven smell horrible every time you preheat it to start cooking something? Does your house get incredibly smoky as well?  You may just need to invest an afternoon
Category: General
Plumbing Maintenance 101
Plumbing has been around for a very long time. First made popular in early Roman cities, plumbing brought water and removed waste almost the same way then as our systems work
Category: Plumbing
Tips to Washing Your Car to Achieve a Brilliant Shine
If you've never spent the time washing your own car, and not sure where to begin, you are in luck.  Why? Well because washing your car/truck or even your boat, really doesn't
Category: Auto Repair
Top 10 Tips on Lowering Your Air Conditioning Bill
Whether you live up north or down south, for a few months out of the year it’s going to get hot enough that you’ll probably end up having to turn on your air conditioner