Handyman accused of ripping off Elderly man for 25k

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In St. Cloud Florida a local elderly citizen who is 89 years old, hired a handyman to help with home improvements.  The problem with that is that the home owner is mentally not able to make financial decisions at the moment.  Most would say the citizens mental capacity began to deteriorate in April, which is when the citizen was reported missing, and was finally located away from his home, driving his automobile with one of his mannequin's glued to the top of his car.  Due to this, it's clear to anyone that knew the home owner, that he wasn't in the mental capacity to make financial decisions for himself.

The Handyman that worked with the homeowner, knew the homeowner, and knew his mental capacity, and felt it was in his best interest to ignore that fact and take checks from the homeowner to do various jobs to either maintain the properly or extend the property.  It's reported that the handyman extended the home with an additional room, even though the handyman didn't apply for any additional licenses to build out the extension, which you can tell from looking on the outside of the extension, that it's rather unsafe with electrical extensions running on the outside of the building.

The handyman used this connection to collect 21 different checks from the homeowner, and cashed them all, which totalled close to twenty five thousand dollars.  Authorities were notified by the victims daughter, who would regularly check her father's accounts and noticed the significant withdrawals, and knew something was wrong, so she notified the authorities.  Now the handyman is facing felony charges for exploiting the elderly.

The moral of this story, is that if you have an elderly parent, you should have access to their banking statements, so you can make sure they aren't getting into any risky contracts with people that are trying to deceive or take advantage of them.  If you are proactive and keep an eye on their accounts, as soon as you see a questionable transaction, you can ask them about it, and in some cases report it to the authorities.

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Is it possible that the handyman knew this home owner personally and knew the elderly home owner was getting older and wanted some cool additions done to their home. From the sound of the article, it sounds like the handyman completed the work that was required of him. Shouldn't he be paid for the work he performed.

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