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With 25+ Handyman services categories finding a trusted Handyman in your area is easy with Handyman.net, Select a category, Get free quotes and save on your next home project.

Cost For Hiring a Handyman

The cost to hire an independent Handyman ranges from $50.00 an hour to $70.00 an hour, Handyman who carry a contractor license and is part of a large company may charge between $60.00 – $85.00 an hour pending on the task.

Bathroom Remodeling With a Local Handyman

Save big on your next bathroom remodeling project by hiring a local handyman near you, Buy all the supplies a head of time and have your handyman do all the installation for you.

Kitchen Replacement Handyman

Find the best Handyman on Handyman.net to replace or repair your kitchen cabinets for a new fresh look.

Flooring Replacement Jobs

Laminate flooring and Vinyl flooring are the post popular flooring options these days, Buying the floors on your own and having a local Handyman do all the installation can save you hundreds of dollars in labor time.

Handyman Services Repair Man

Tips For Homeowners

While we work hard to ensure that you are connected with a trusted handyman we suggest you ask for a copy of the professional’s license, Ask about insurance, References, Permits if required, Get a contract stating exactly what is included and never pay upfront for the whole project.

Emergency Repairs

Leakey roof? Flooded bathroom? Call our toll Free number and one of our agents will connect you with a local pro who can service your emergency repair ASAP.

Making The Call

Handyman.net connects you with a local handyman either by phone or online.

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Handyman Services List

For a full Handyman services list please visit HandymanServicesList.com to compare services and rates from local handyman.