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Handyman services are easy to compare with Handyman.net, With over 25+ categories to pick from finding the best handyman or contractor near you is easy and fast.

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Handyman Services

Phone Number For Handyman

In just a few minutes our database can pin point a phone number for a handyman near you.

📞 800-552-4943

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Hiring a Professional Handyman

Handyman.net helps you find an experienced, professional Handyman contractor in your local city, Getting quotes over the phone or online are 100% Free with no obligation, Always!

Choosing Your Project

From fixing your deck to a complete bathroom remodeling job Handyman.net helps you find the best Handyman for the job.

Fixing a Leaky Roof

Most roofing companies don’t like to bother with small roof repair jobs, That’s when a local handyman comes in handy.

Handy Painters

A local handyman is just perfect if you need to paint your porch, deck or a single room to give your home a new fresh look.

Painting Handyman Services

Decks & Porches

Getting a head start on fall with a complete deck and porch inspection by a local handyman is easy, Get a free quote online or call our toll free number to set up an appointment with a local handyman near you.

Top 5 Projects In Demand

Remodeling, Carpentry, Plumbing, Landscaping and roofing are the top 5 categories in demand.

Fixed Price Services

Ask for a fix price upfront for a hassle free experience.

GEO Targeting a Handyman

Because our database is filled with hundreds of trusted Handyman, Finding one is easy.

Not Just a Website For Handyman

Besides finding a local handyman our website can help you find licensed contractors for big jobs.

Our Brand

Due to our brand recognition Handyman.net is very popular in the handyman industry because of our domain name hundreds of Handyman reach out and apply to be listed on our website.

📞 800-552-4943

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Working With Trusted Pros

Most importantly is trust and great customer service, We do our best to list on Handyman.net only trusted pros, For that reason more and more visitors come back to us for a second and third time when they need a handyman.

Doing The Right Search

Furthermore our partners and the handyman.net team only qualify the best handyman, Another way to make sure that your handyman is probably a trusted pro is to ask them for recommendations, Finally due to fake reviews its highly suggest to use another method and is to simply search for their name or their business hame on Google and see if they have any bad reviews which is probably above all the best source to find out all about them.

Our Trusted Parters

Our national partnership with Home Advisor helps our customers find the best home improvement contractor for any size project.